Sunday, May 24, 2009

Carcassonne -Bournemouth via Mr Ryanair

And jolly good it was to be back too and catch the last of the cascading roses adorning Le Chateau. Mr Ryanair has changed our lives since announcing the direct route from Carcassonne - Bournemouth. I can now sneak back to my hideaway in Dorset and carry on my thriving business in the South of France. Oh the decadence and freedom of the mature working woman. There's only one small drawback though, and you thought I had it all didn't you ? Mummy's little helpers, ie: cheap slave labour are also taking advantage of it too.

Anyway enough of that. This week as well as taking time to smell the roses and generally sniff with appreciation the sometimes sultry air I've been practising my Diplomatic skills. Never one to be shy of coming forward I've witnessed some breathtaking cock-ups but with age comes wisdom as they say so I've kept Mum. And you know what ? I've had a much more peaceful time of late. How then has it taken me so long to figure that one out ?

The Grand Duchess took herself off to a wedding yesterday down in Perpignan. A lavish affair co-ordinated by a frightenly organised American Wedding Planner. A radiant bride, scores of little bridesmaids tumbling and giggling whilst the tearful proud Mothers rubbed shoulders with genuine punk rockers. The weather was kind and a mixture of Americans and Irish came together to enjoy a fairytale wedding in the South of France. The Grand Duchess was very nearly upstaged by a splendid horse drawn carriage but in her own true style drew admiring glances, the whole ensemble bringing the traffic to a complete halt.

At the end of the day just as the late afternoon was beginning to close in I hopped on my bike for a breath of fresh air. We are, as you may well all know, surrounded by the most utterly breathtaking countryside. Not a soul was in sight as I pedelled along. The verges were bursting with fat clover, the sweet smell of the wild honeysuckle hung heavily in the air, bright red poppies delicately flirted and wavered in the breeze. The tiny heads of the sunflowers had begun to push their way up searching for the warmth of the southern sun. I calculated that soon I would be surrounded by millions of them, a completely enthralling sight.

I came across a wild cherry tree too and nibbled appreciately on its sweet fruit.

I then wondered what I had done to deserve all this. The benefits of keeping one's counsel I daresay.

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